How does buying online work?

When ordering a firearm online, you must choose a FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) in your state that performs firearm transfers as your shipping address. Many locally owned firearms stores perform transfers but not all do. We will contact your local FFL for a copy of their license. There is nothing else required on your end. For all in stock firearm you will receive tracking information within 1-2 days and 3 weeks on custom orders. Once your firearm arrives at your local FFL, they will notify you to pick it up and perform the 4473 transfer form and background check. 

Can I request a part swap on an in stock firearm?

Yes, even our completed in stock firearms can be modified to meet your needs. Whether it be a muzzle device (yes, even on pinned and welded firearms) stock, trigger or grip we allow for one component swap free of labor costs. Easier to swap parts like a bolt carrier group or charging handle are also able to be swapped free of labor costs. Contact us by phone or email for an e-invoice for the component price difference and to confirm compatibility. 

Can I request specific parts in my build?

Yes, we can source components and optics that are not currently listed but may incur additional cost. Please contact us to inquire about availability and price.

Is there a warranty on your firearms?

Yes, all firearms manufactured by NRC Industries, LLC firearms are warrantied against component failure. In addition to the warranty protection offered by NRC Industries, LLC, all the components in our firearms carry lifetime warranties through their original manufacturer. (Trigger, BCG, Barrel, Muzzle, Gas System, Small Parts)

Our warranty does not extend to general wear and tear, neglectful maintenance or external damage.

Firearms not manufactured by NRC Industries, LLC will require any warranty claim to be placed through the original manufacturer. Contact us if you are unsure about the warranty procedure for your firearm. 

Are there any discounts for Military / Veterans?

Yes, all members of the US Military and Veterans can contact us for a coupon code to use during checkout.

What is your cancellation or return policy?

Return authorization will be allowed solely at the discretion of NRC Industries, LLC. Authorized returns may subject to a restocking fee up to 25%. All returns are subject to additional deductions for any damages. If you need to cancel an order, please contact us before 8:00 PM EST the same day you placed your order. Cancellation of Custom Build orders and orders with custom modifications may also be subject to a restocking fee. The buyer must arrange insured return shipping with tracking. NRC Industries, LLC holds no liability to reimburse lost return shipments. 

Are your shipping times accurate?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our fast shipping times and short lead time for custom builds. All in stock firearms will ship within 1-2 business days, given we can make contact with your chosen FFL. We keep a wide variety of components in stock at all times to be able to produce a one of kind firearm with a lead time of only 10-15 business days.

Are you a licensed dealer?

Yes, we are licensed Type 07 FFL.

Do you have a layaway program?

We do not offer any layaway program.

Are your inventory numbers accurate?

Yes, our inventory numbers are kept up to date hourly. We often produce only one of a specific color/caliber/length at any time.

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